The way of the peaceful empath

Dan Millman wrote an amazing book.  “Way of the peaceful warrior“.  And it is yes, from this that I have taken the naming of this blog.

Many with an empathic gift are left in a world feeling lost, alone, isolated, no one understands them or what they are going through.

Society as whole doesn’t believe in “gifts” or “ESP” or whatever crayon you want to color the title of these abilities as.  And because of this lack of acceptance we are left undiscovered, untaught, misunderstood, overwhelmed and in some degree of emotional and physical pain.

A male empath may even find themselves feeling more “lost” than a female empath.  Why?  Because in society, males are not suppose to be emotional.  Males are the strength, the provider, the “man” of the house, the WARRIOR.  The flood of emotions which is received from being an empath is misunderstood for a male empath and will bring in much confusion, anxiety and stress until that moment when the gear clicks and he searches out for what to do next.

Even then, it is difficult.  What do I do?  Where do I go?  Will I appear weak if I feel, dare I say it? dare I?  “Emotions”.

Even less understood is “what is the point”?  I have this opening in my spirit that allows this flood in.  How do I stop it?  Why do I have it?  What am I suppose to do with it?

That is the point and purpose of all of this – to help you and myself.

Why title this site “The way of the peaceful empath”?  Because from this moment on and in the context of this site, the phrase “peaceful warrior” and “peaceful empath” will be synonymous.

Empaths are warriors, not victims and far from defenseless.
We see and feel at a different spectrum than the rest of the world.
And we can help bring change and help heal.

Empaths are the guardians at the gate and the watchmen in the towers.  The warriors on the field protecting the town.  We are those who can turn the hearts of men/women.  We see the angel in the marble and chip away at the stone to get the angel free.

Empaths are so much while being so under rated and under valued.

Within the pages of this site, I pray to guide, instruct, question, answer and help mold empaths that are in need of assistance.  In especially you male empaths out there.  Because dude to dude….being a male empath, when everything is under control – is amazing.

NOTE FOR THE GUYS: (Empaths are both MALE and FEMALE.  Just because being an empath deals directly with emotions doesn’t make you any less “Manly”.  Look at it from this selfish point of view.  You will know what gift your woman really would like.  Does she really want roses even though she keeps telling you “Don’t bother, everyone gets roses”.  Think about it….yeah..yeah!!  Got it?  Good)

Yes – I have linked the Amazon site on the book title, and no I am not going to get a dime if you purchase it.